(a) Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting is the supreme organ of the Association responsible for the whole of its policy and work as defined the constitution of TYVA. The AGM is composed of members of the association.

(b) Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the organization consist of all seven officers of the organization where five are elected by the AGM and two are employed by the board members to fill the vacant of Executive Director and Director of Finance. The Board of Directors meets at least once in every quarter of a financial year starting from January 1st and ending on December 31st each year; which means the Board meetings are convened in four different quarters of the year, and whatever time as it may seem convenient to conduct the affairs of the organization.

(c) The Secretariat

A Secretariat is a technocrat body performing all technical matters of the day to day affairs of the association. It is employed by the Executive Director of the organization. The Secretariat is composed of Head of program and Head of finance.

(d) Board of Advisors

This is a Board of Advisors of the organization which consist of between two to eleven individuals from within especially honorary members or outside the organization. The members of the Board of Advisors are nominated by the Board of Directors and approved by the Annual General Meeting and the advisors shall be persons of integrity and rectitude in the society. The Function of the Board of Advisors is to advise the Board of Directors on matters that requires thorough consultations on maintain the values, traditions and objectives, mission and vision

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