Previous Projects

Networking and Empowerment Of Youth Organisations In Dar Es Salaam Project 2013.

This was a partnership project between TYVA, Forum for International Development (FIC) a Danish NGO for developing and strengthening the individual organization and create a foundation for a future cooperation among the youth organizations in Dar es salaam towards improved employment conditions and influence of the youth in Dar es salaam.

Ripoti Rushwa (2011-2012)

Ripoti Rushwa was the Tanzanian youth-led campaign against corruption run under the Community Action Project (CAP) known as Anti-Corruption Journalism for Health (ACJH).The aim of this Project is to fight against petty corruption on provision of healthcare services in Dar es Salaam and Coast Region. Read more at

IjueKatiba (2010-2013)

The goal of this project was to promote effective youth engagement into the ongoing constitutional debate. The project intents to achieve two main objectives. The objectives includes, to increase awareness on the constitution among youth for the period of three months and beyond and to increase accessibility to the constitution and popularize it among youth within the project timeline and beyond. Read more at

Kijanana Kura yako Project: 2010

This project provided “civic and voting education” targeting the first time voters in secondary schools and higher learning institutions. It attained two broad results. The results included 10,000 first time voters provided with knowledge regarding their voting rights and importance of their participation in elections in Dar es Salaam and Coast region. The second result was increased youth participation in election processes.

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TYVA is dedicated toward promoting empowerment and self realization of young people through mounting awareness raising, capacity building and networking programs which are youth centered, gender sensitive environmental friendly and readily accessible to vulnerable youth. This is through trainings, Youth dialogues, seminars and workshops.


To see a free, just, democratic and peaceful society, in which there is active and effective youth participation.

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