About Us

Our History

Tanzania Youth Vision Association [TYVA] is a youth led organization with non-partisan and non-governmental [NGO] founded in the year 2000. It is registered by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the year 2002, July 28 with a registration number [S.O NO.11454] to work in civil society; focusing on youth awareness raising and empowerment.

We define youth as of age 16-30, of which concentrate much to bring up and create the opportunity for them.

The Organization was formed to fill a gap of a strong youth organizations and to address the challenge of poor youth involvement and participation. It aims at capacity building of youth and youth organizations in civic and social-economic spheres, focusing on bringing about self-realization, empowerment, Participation and involvement of young people in Tanzania.

Organisational Structure

1. Annual General Meeting-AGM of the General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting is the supreme organ of the Association responsible for the whole of its policy and work as defined the constitution of TYVA. The AGM is composed of members of the association.

2. Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors of the Association, which consist of 12 members. The members of the Board of Advisors is nominated by the Executive committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting and the said advisors are the persons of integrity and rectitude in the society.

3. The Executive Committee

The Executive committee (ExCom) of the Association is composed of 10 elected leaders, The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Treasurer, Head of LAN, Head of TCB, Head of Communication and two members. It meets once a month and responsible to control the administration and finances of the Association. The Excom reports to the AGM on annual basis.

4. The Secretariat

A Secretariat is a technocrat body performing all technical matters of the day to day affairs of the association. It is employed by the Executive Committee. The Secretariat is composed of Head of program and Head of finance. The Secretariat reports to the Executive Committee on monthly basis

Our Team

Seleman Makwita - National Chairman​

Bachelor Degree in Management of social Development at The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy.


Irene Kalumuna - Vice Chairperson

Holder of Bachelor degree in Building Economics.


Justine Godson -Secretary General

Our secretary General is passionate about development and youth power and spear head all matters of the day to day affairs of the association.

Godfrey Yohana Mitande - Deputy Secretary General

A Sociologist and Professional worker with 5 years of work experience in development and humanitarian programs. He has vast experience in designing and implementing Gender-based synchronized HIV/AIDS programs for Key and Vulnerable Populations, integrating Human-centered design for social innovation.

Yusuph Bwango - Head of Lobbying, Advocacy and Networking

A 25 years old youth and a social worker by profession, a member and Head of Lobbying, Advocacy and Network of Tanzania Youth Vision Association. He is passionate on youth development through Advocating for enabling policies towards youth welfare on the aspects of civil, political as well as social-economical in Tanzania.

Arif Noorally Fazel - Head of Communication

A student pursuing Bachelor Degree in Education. He is honest, reliable and hard working person.

Lilian Boniface - Head of Training and Capacity Building

She is a holder of bachelor degree in Arts with Sociology at the University of Dar es salaam.

Rashidi Ritogolo- Treasurer

He is a Treasurer works at Tanzania Youth Vision Association. In past two years, he had been executive committee member of the association.

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