School of TYVA

School of TYVA

The school of TYVA was officially established and commenced its operations in 2008 with the major goal of enhancing main actors’ capacity for the well designing and carry out of programs. For this matter, the objectives of school of TYVA entail:

  • To have members equipped with Proposal and Report Writing Knowledge
  • To have a well built members with Facilitation and Public Speaking Skills
  • To enable the members with Effective Planning and Organizing capacity of events.
  • To equip members with Effective Leadership and Lobbying skills
  • To enable members in the effective use of social media and communication skills.
  • To have platform to exercise various skills taught.

Since its commencement, school of TYVA has managed to train more than 400 people who include members and non members on the topics of Use of social media and communication, Event management, Public Speaking, Lobbying, Leadership and Management, Concept Development and Proposal Writing and Monitoring and Evaluation.

2. Outputs of the program

To the moment, the organization enjoys a number of members emanating from the program who are now able to run some events and act as leaders running the organization. In a way, the program has aided solving the succession problem which intimidated the future of the organization


However, the organization still lacks a pool of members with skills on documentation for organizational development,  Because the mention field is so vital for the live running of the organization, the program has not achieved its objectives to the fullest on this, thus has required a class for this.

3. Needs for Documentation.

  • It ensures efficiency, consistency and peace of mind for those involved. Everyone in the organization will be working in the same way towards the same outcome.
  • Documentation provides the organization with great opportunity to develop better strategy and account management, hence the opportunity to up-sell and manage members.
  • Through great documentation, new members are able to quickly learn about our internal processes and important information is easily accessible rather than stored in the repository of someone’s mind.
  • Documentation demonstrates that we are a professional organization. It shows members and prospective members that we are dedicated and committed in their role as gatekeeper of their mission-critical activism information.

4. The Expected Outcome.

The immediate expected outcome for this school of TYVA is

  • Development of functional competencies in intervention and consultation skills.
  • Active participation in documentation of organizational information for future use.
  • Members should be able to document every information and activity done.

5. Responsibilities of the Facilitator and TCB Team.

Since the program aims at expanding the current pool of human resources and improving the efficiency of organization management and deliver in documentation, it is very important the topic to be covered in a package manner of one day.

  • Ways and importance of Documentation.
  • Communication skills.
  • There should be well and clearly list of participants.
  • Report will be written and documented.
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