since January and February 1992, the government decided to adopt multiparty democracy in Tanzania.
Legal and constitutional changes led to the registration of eleven political parties.
The ideals, energies and voices of young men and woman are vital for the development of any society.
However, one of the greatest challenges facing democracies in the world today is the decreasing
involvement of young people in electoral possesses.
We believe important avenue to be explored by persons or entities, desirous of raising the consciousness
of youth about the importance of voting, can be done through a variety of structures such as youth
organization like Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA), Issue-based Non-Governmental
Organization (NGOs) and even faith-based Organizations. However, stimulating youth participation in the electoral processes must be a partnership effort of which the youth themselves must play an active part.Currently many youth are involved in the use of media and social media by understanding the power of media and social media, we have seen a need to conduct a full day Youth Digital Advocacy Workshop
(YDAW) to gather about 50 young men and women from youth CSOs, Social media and Media personnel
to equip them with skills and come up with a campaign to influence youth mob to take a lead in the
coming Local Government Authorities Election 2019 as Candidates and voters using medias and social
Digital technology affects how democracy works by influencing political mobilization and campaigns,
amplifying political polarization, changing the tools of government, and threatening the survival of
authoritarian regimes. Digital technology shapes the way social science is done, taught, and disseminated.
Digital technology affects how democracy works as recent advances in digital technology have started to
have a profound political impact. Social media and the internet more in general, have played an
increasingly important role in shaping political processes. Through media we create greater emphasis to
youth empowerment through knowledge of the electoral possess as well as the effective creation of voter
awareness messages specifically tailor-made for youth.
The Digital advocacy workshop aims to provide awareness about the whole electoral possesses, the
various aspects of voting as well as being enthused to take part in electoral processes stimulate but also
encourage and welcome the young programmed lessons by young persons and youth organizations that
are free of political affiliation.Youth participation and involvement in electoral processes with an in-depth
On 08th December2017,TYVA conducted the digital advocacy workshop in Dodoma whereby the event was attended by 50 youth from different background. They learn, discuss and came up with recommendations for further digital advocacy in other places. We engaged youth online through our social media accounts one day before in #DiraYaVijanaTz to which we
reached about 400,680 impressions and 4,21,392 accounts whereby we collect youth views and
Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) chairperson Mr. Suleiman Makwita spoke on youth situation room in electoral process and at last participants discussed on youth priority and youth key Agenda for 2019 Local Government Authority (LGA) Election. the second session involved presentation on youth priority and youth key agenda for LGA election and  launching of digital campaign by creating a hashtag #KijanaShirikiChaguzi.
  • Participants divided into three groups and came up with different argument
    From the discussion the participants from group number one they spoke on advantage of social media in
    which can be used for political advantage, influence policy makers and provide electoral process
    awareness to citizen.
    Digital advocacy will continue to be one of a TYVA’s branding programs expecting to reach more youths
    all over Tanzania by join force with other youth Ngo’s to make them producing the positivity to youth so
    far using the platform to come up with more advocacy youth techniques through youth voices.

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TYVA is dedicated toward promoting empowerment and self realization of young people through mounting awareness raising, capacity building and networking programs which are youth centered, gender sensitive environmental friendly and readily accessible to vulnerable youth. This is through trainings, Youth dialogues, seminars and workshops.


To see a free, just, democratic and peaceful society, in which there is active and effective youth participation.

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