Girls’ Right Project in 2018

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Project descriptions

With reference to the existing reports in Tanzania on the situation of young girls in the education sector; “The Citizens Education Report For Tanzania” which was done by ActionAid in 2017, it is vividly showed that young girls in schools are facing with several challenges that delineate them from pursuing their studies comfortably. In ensuring access to quality education for all, the Government had been implementing several interventions including MMEM, MMES, Free Education Policy; and Education and Vocational Training Policy 2015.

Despite impressive initiatives by the Government, data by Human Rights Watch (HRW, 2016) shows that more than 1.5 million adolescents in Tanzania are out of school due to several factors including early pregnancy and marriages. More specifically, HRW reported that about 8,000 girls drop out of school annually.

In spite of the greater efforts and detrimental initiatives taken by the government to empower young girls in schools and brings about gender equality, still there’s a widening gap that needs individuals’ and stakeholders’ initiative to rescue young girls status from many challenges.

The existing policy gap, controversial perceptions about young girls, poor budget allocation to empower girls on different sectors particularly education are the major areas that need to be addressed and take appropriate measures to improve young girls’ life.

Methodologies and target group

The survey involved the young women from primary and secondary schools aged above 15 – 24 years, educational stakeholders such as teachers, parents, Government Officials and development partners in the 4 regions of Pwani (Kisarawe), Singida (Kinyeto), Dodoma (Mpwapwa) and Lindi (Newala). Purposively sampling and simple random sampling techniques were used during the survey. Simple random sampling was especially used during selection of the 315 respondents.

There are some specific issues leading to school dropouts. It was explained by the respondents that issues such as religious extremism, poverty, heavy corporal punishment from teachers, peer pressure, and irresponsible parents were contributing to school dropout.

Girls Right Project 2018

Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) in collaboration with Friedrich Nauman Foundation (FNF) conducted a baseline survey in 2017 to reduce the number of girls’ school dropout by advocating their rights to access education in the regions of Lindi, Pwani, Dodoma and Singida.

In order to increase awareness on the issues of girls’ rights to access education, the findings from the baseline survey were shared to the community through meetings in the area of the project and online campaigns via our social media accounts.

2018 was a year of sharing information with the different community groups in areas where the baseline survey took place as well as coming up with opinions on how we can have a common ways to address the issues that affect girls’ right to access education.

Miaka 18 ya TYVA: 2000 – 2018

Mwaka 2018 Asasi ya Dira ya Vijana (TYVA) ilitimiza miaka 18 tangu kuasisiwa kwake mwaka 2000. Maadhimisho hayo yalichagizwa na kaulimbiu ya “Miaka 18 yakukuza viongozi vijana Tanzania”.



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